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SpIke's Naked Planet: Directory of Gay Nudist Groups/
This website, affiliated with Totally Naked Toronto Men Enjoying Nudity (TNT!MEN), contains listings dozens of local/regional gay nudist organizations in several countries. Listing have mailing addresses, phone/fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and web addresses. This is quite a good resources, with many links to other resources.

NetNude has nudist message boards, photos, and chat. The website is gay friendly, but remains non-sexual. NetNude contains numerous essays and articles. This site is quite comprehensive.

Penis Central
This site is irreverent and provocative, with lots of text and photos that would give a prudish naturist a coronary. Here's the site's own description of itself: "The Web"s Largest Collection of Quality Photographs of Gay Male Naturist (Nudist) Events and Naturally Naked Men, plus other kewl stuff for pervs like you." The site is focused on photo galleries and stories about gay nudist events (such as the GNI and IMEN gatherings) and other naked happenings around the world.

Advocate Weekly's Guide to Nude Beaches of the Northeast
This is an alternative paper that includes a regional nude beach guide. website lists several dozen nude beaches in New England, New York, and New Jersey. Detailed info and directions are available with listings.

San Francisco Bay Guardian Annual Nude Beach Guide
The Guardian publishes a nude beach guide yearly. All information contained in the annual guide is available free on their internet site. The current Guardian guide lists an astounding 180 nude beaches and other nude areas in California (the majority of these are in northern California). Listings are very detailed and include legal status, ownership status, directions, and information about core users. Highly recommended.

Federation of Canadian Naturists
This website includes a section with descriptions of nude beaches throughout Canada. Many of the description are taken verbatim from the World Guide to Nude Beaches and Resorts.

C.O. British Columbia
This site contains more listings of nude beaches in British Columbia than does the FCN website's section on British Columbia. There is also a good bit of information about other parts of Canada and the world.

France Naturism
This website contains information on over 200 nude beaches in France. Most of the listings include little more than the name and approximate location of the beach, so you'll have to rely on other sources for detailed directions. Beaches that are especially popular with gay men are highlighted with a special rainbow symbol. (German naturist website)
This website has good information on hundreds of nude beaches throughout Germany , and it also includes information on some public saunas and swimming pools that are available for nude use. Listings have been provided by a number of individuals, so the quality of the directions and descriptions vary from one listing to another. This site also covers Austria quite well and has some information about places in other European countries and around the world. As of press time, the English translation of this site had been taken down, but the web author states that it will come back at some point in the future. In the meantime, this website is available in German only.

Cap'n Barefoot's Naturist Guide to the Greek Islands
This site contains information about beaches all over the Greek Islands, from the popular nude beaches on popular tourist islands to very obscure and secluded beaches on lesser-known islands. Beaches on mainland Greece are also included. Information has been provided by a number of people who have given accounts of their visits to the nude beaches. This site contains an overwhelming amount of information about many, many beaches.

Naturism in Crete

This site explores nudist beaches in Crete.
Explore Crete
Both of these websites concern the Greek island of Crete, and both are quite detailed.

The Scandinavian Naturist Guide
This site covers nude beaches and campgrounds in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. The numerous nude beach listings include brief descriptions and directions along with maps.

John's Internet Naturist Club
This London-based website focuses on gay naturism and includes information about nude beaches in the United Kingdom, nude swims in London, and the club London Gay Naturist, among other things. The site also has several photo galleries.

Naturism in the Czech Republic
You can click on the link for the English version when you visit this site. While there are an impressive number of nudist sites here, directions are vague. Nonetheless, it may get you started.

Austrian Gay Naturists
Unfortunately, this site is available in German only. However, if you can read German, you'll find a wealth of information (including directions) about nude beaches in Austria as well as Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Croatia.

Being and Nakedness
(main page)
(extensive link list) This site should probably be your first stop if you want to familiarize yourself with the astounding array of nudist websites on the internet. Being and Nakedness contains a lot of substance, with a weekly newsletter and many online articles about various aspects of naturism. Additionally, the site has a nearly exhaustive list of links to nudist websites, some of which are specifically gay sites. These links are conveniently subdivided by topic so the list is not overwhelming. Highly recommended.

Usenet Nude FAQs
This site is a collection of several FAQs (FAQ = frequently asked questions) regarding nude beaches, clubs, publications, and answers to common questions about nudism.

RecNude Site Report FAQs
This site is a collection of site reports about nude beaches and nudist clubs and resorts around the world. It is the web version of the newsgroup rec.nude. The site reports are organized by region and country, and the quality and quantity of the information for each area vary significantly since rec.nude is a collection of postings by individuals and is not an organized attempt to be a comprehensive guide.